6 Prekvapujúcich príznakov choroby môže Vaša koža odhaliť

O to viac dôvodov, aby ste preukázali svoju pleť, TLC si to zaslúži.

Ekzém: súvisí s depresiou a úzkosťou

The dry, itchy, red patches of this condition may show up on areas like your neck or inner elbows. It’s incredibly common—30 million Americans have eczema—and while it most often appears as a kid, adults can develop it, too. One surprise though is the toll it takes on your mental health, says board-certified dermatologist Jonathan Silverberg, MD, PhD, an assistant professor in dermatology at the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine in Chicago. Many patients feel like they’re in a bad mood or they have major depressive disorder. They don’t make the connection that a lot of it stems from having a skin disease